Saturday, 16 April 2011

My other FAMILY..!!

-SK Lam, AY Lau, eyka, wak dol, Fidel, Pak Lah, En Rossli & YL Low-

Specially for sir fidel, i'll wrote in English today..hehehe...
well today is Sir Fidel's last day at SCM, so we've decided to hold a lunch farewell for him yesterday at NZ Curry House Wangsa Maju..only 8 people can attend while Abg Muz and Abg Sapari is on leave. 
the food is the best, and the sambal belacan is awesome lah..!!!
seem like Sir Fidel really enjoy the sambal belacan..huhu..he did have some malay inside him..
then, pakcik Rossli gave me something for me to solve it..em, some kind of puzzle i think..

From this,

To this
well, it did looks like easy to solve it but me alone, take more than 1 hour to solve it..
quite depressed if i cant solve it..but finally i have made it..yay!

seeing Sir Fidel leaving today, i really dont wanna think about 2 weeks later..
the day i leave SCM..T_T